How to Clean a Light Carpet At Home?

A beautiful carpet is a dream for all. It enhances the look of the room and makes it look more magnificent. That’s the beauty of a rightly chosen and well-placed carpet.
To make your rooms look spacious, you must opt for light-coloured carpets. But that choice is risky. It comes with the baggage of regular maintenance, conscious living and being on your toes.
A light-coloured carpet gets filthy and soiled quickly with dirty stains that never seem to disappear. No matter how fast you clean the carpet, the stains leave their marks behind.
Professionals are the best people to look up to for all your light-coloured carpet cleaning needs. But for some immediate needs, you need to have some handy ways with you that can help.
So here comes the need to learn some fantastic ways to aid in deep cleaning your carpets.
Let’s begin to find the best ways to do so.

Ways to Clean a Light Carpet At Home

When you choose a carpet with light or pastel colours, you invite great responsibility for yourself. Life never stays the same.
For a light-coloured carpet, you either need to become a cleaning machine or need one to have great results. You can choose a device clean or hand wash the light-coloured carpet; in the end, the results should be sparkling.
While you get expert help, here is some expert advice and ways that you can use to clean your light carpets with all the stains they may be having.
Some of the ways to clean light colour carpets:
● Work On The Stain Immediately
To begin with, cleaning light-coloured carpets, remember to be cautious about the stains that can ruin them permanently. Be alert, and as soon as you spot a stain, work on it immediately. You can stay alert while you are around your carpets. When you have a light carpet, it is vulnerable to getting stained with tea, coffee, food spillage and even footprints. Be very cautious, and clean a mark as soon as you spot it.
● Blot The Stain Using Bloating Towel Or Paper
If it’s a liquid spill, use a blotting paper or towel to soak all the stains and get them away with the excess liquid. Do not rub the carpet, as it may also spread to the non-affected part.
You can use blotting paper repeatedly to soak all the water and get the carpet dry with only the stain on it.
● Use Vinegar And Baking Soda
When the stain appears prominent after the blotting, start the deep clean process by choosing the appropriate solvent. You can use white vinegar, household vinegar, and baking soda mixture on the stain. Leave it on the carpet for some time and clean it afterwards. The stain will disappear.
● Try Hydrogen Peroxide On Stains
Many stains are deep and can only get away with time- slowly and eventually. For them, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Stains like blood stains and dark fruit juices need hydrogen peroxide poured directly over them to work on them immediately. For dried stains, first scrape off the soiled part and then clean it with water.
● Use Ice Packs For Chewing Gums And Wax
It can be a chance that you spit chewing gum on your carpet that got stuck on it. Or there is dried wax stuck on your light-coloured carpet. Well, worry not. For sticky and adhesive stains, you can use ice packs to make them solid and easily scrape them off. The solid wax or gum is easier to get rid of with a butter life or blunt stick.
● Use Dish Soap With Water
You can always use a mild detergent, fabric comforter, carpet shampoo or dish soap on stains. It is readily available in houses, and you can use it instantly on any stain. But it has fewer effects. It works on light colours only, like a pencil mark, or an impression of a foot or hand. You can mix mild and gentle dish soap with water and spray the same on the spot. Let it stay on the stain-affected area on the carpet for a while, and then wash and clean it. Repeat if required.
● Iron The Adhesive Stains And Marks
You can use iron to remove the residual if your adhesive stains do not come out with frozen packs or ice. Take dry cloth or paper. Put it on the adhesive stains. Use an iron to heat the area and let it get stuck on the paper or towel. Repeat till all the sticky adhesive gets transferred onto the paper or towel.
● Use Eco-Friendly And Organic Solvents
If you have nothing available or have tried everything, you can use an organic or eco-friendly cleaning solution available in the shops to clean the stains. Buy those that get evaporated quickly or dried easily, as wet solutions will damage the carpet more.
● Deodorise The Urine Stains
If you have urine stains, apart from using any mixture- vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide- in the end, remember to use deodorisers. It will neutralise the smell of the urine and the solutions and make your carpets look and smell good.
● Continue Cleaning At Regular Intervals
Remember, even when your stains are cleaned, and your light carpet has gained its shine and softness, clean your carpets regularly to maintain sparkling results.
Regular vacuuming and professional clean-up help maintain the carpets and their beauty, especially when you have a light-coloured one.

Call Professional Help for the Best Results

If you own anything that needs care and attention, you also need professional help from time to time. The same goes for light-coloured carpets.
If you own one, you need to hire professionals to clean it regularly. It ensures the carpet remains as good as it was when you bought it.
So for the best and long-lasting results, call professional carpet cleaners and get the stains, dirt, dust and allergens out of your carpet and extend its life, especially when it is a light colour carpet.