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Carpet repair is a skilful job, not anyone can do this kind of work with precision. At Carpet Repair South Yarra, we are known for providing quality carpet repair services. Our technicians are experienced and skilled, they can repair the carpet and reverse any damage on the carpet. Be it, carpet burns, a carpet stain, or carpet seam repair. We have provided our staff with all the necessary tools and equipment so that they can do their job with proficiency. Since the inception of our company, we have served thousands of clients and repaired their carpet. You can also trust us, to make your carpet new again.

Best Carpet Repair South Yarra
Best Carpet Repair South Yarra

Effective Carpet Patching Service

Carpet patching is one solution of 100 problems, thus, we have ensured all the necessary tools available to perform this service. In this service, we repair a specific area of the carpet that is damaged and has stain with another patch. Sometimes, the carpet gets burned from a specific area because of a winter fire, cigarettes, or some other causes. To repair this damage, we use another carpet piece and replace it with the damaged area of the carpet. First, the damaged area is cut out in a circle or rectangle shape. Then, a carpet with the same colour or the same carpet piece which is hidden is used to replace the damaged part. With the help of a strong adhesive, the carpet patch is glued to the carpet.

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Carpet Repair South Yarra
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